I am a geoscientist working at the intersection of geology, flow in porous media, geomechanics and seismology to address pressing questions related to geoenergy and the environment. I approach these questions through a combination of computational tools (physics-based simulation, statistical modeling, data analysis) with the goal of quantifying answers and their uncertainty.

I am currently doing my PhD with Prof. Ruben Juanes, and my work focuses on geologic CO2 storage. Specifically, I am targeting the following two areas:

  • Development of new computer models to characterize the hydraulic properties of faults.

  • Numerical modeling of CO2 storage, with emphasis on fault zones and their impact on fluid migration.

Before starting my PhD, I worked with seismic signals generated by earthquakes and other processes.

Research interests

  • Fault zone development, architecture and hydraulic property characterization

  • Geologic CO2 storage, H2 storage and geothermal energy

  • Geologic hazard assessment in subsurface fluid extraction and injection, including fault leakage and induced seismicity

  • Environmental seismology (i.e., using seismic signals to study surface processes such as landslides or rockfalls)


  • PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering (ongoing)
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • MS in Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering 2016
    Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain)

  • BS in Geology 2014
    Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)