mrst-adblackoil-gcs [GitHub]                                                                       9/20/2023

Provides examples and advanced functionality for 3D simulation of geologic CO2 storage in saline aquifers using the ad-blackoil module of the Matlab Reservoir Simulation Toolbox (MRST). A preprint will be added to the GitHub page when available, probably later this fall. This code is being integrated into MRST, and updates will be posted in the GitHub page.

CO2 saturation at the top of the reservoir after CO2 injection and migration. Top row results are from Juanes et al., WRR (2006), bottom results obtained with this implementation in MRST.

Effect of increasing the diffusivity on convective finger width. This phenomenon occurs because a liquid solution of CO2 and water is denser than pure water, so the mixture sinks to the bottom of the aquifer.

PREDICT: PeRmEability DIstributions of Clay-smeared faulTs [GitHub]                              9/22/2022

Computes upscaled fault permeability distributions using a parameter-based, probabilistic description of clay and sand smears. Written in MATLAB.


Convergence of output probability distributions vs number of realizations performed, for five different example sequences (A to E). N = 1000 realizations are enough.


Computing times for an example sequence vs cores available


Example of output probability distributions of fault permeability for each directional component, and their correlation.